Page 6 - 2021 WORK PLAN
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12   Update NAPPO  RSPM 22:  Guidelines for      •  Review based on recently adopted plant health standards,   Biological
                          RSPM        construction and operation     current industry practices, regulations, and             Control
                                      of a containment facility      scientific/technical information.
                                      for insects and mites used   •  Revision completed.
                                      as biological control agents  •  Next steps: Country consultation, incorporate comments,
                                                                     EC approval.
                                                                  •  Targeted completion third quarter of 2021.
                                                                   Permanent Projects
                 13       NAPPO       NAPPO foundational          •  Update historical documents based on present needs.    Foundational
                       foundational   documents                   •  Develop additional documents, compile and review, edit   documents -
                        documents                                    for consistency.                                           AMC
                 14    Phytosanitary   Manage regional pest       •  Meet IPPC National Reporting Obligations and facilitate    PAS
                       Alert System   reporting and inform on        awareness, detection, prevention, and management of
                           (PAS)      emerging pest threats to       exotic plant pest species within North America.
                                      the NAPPO region            •  Updated PAS platform completed.
                 15      Electronic   Assistance and technical    •  Provide input to help address exchange, secure            eCert
                       Phytosanitary   support to the IPPC ePhyto    transmission, and data standardization.
                        Certification   Steering Group
                 16     Stakeholder   Annual meeting, newsletter  •  Plan, coordinate, deliver the NAPPO Annual Meeting      Secretariat,
                       engagement     and NAPPO website           •  Develop and publish the Newsletter 3x/y.                with AMC
                                                                  •  Upgrade/update NAPPO website as needed.                   NPPO
                 17      Regional     Collaborate with the        •  Governance of the GICSV for 2 years – 2021-2022        Experts from
                       collaboration   Interamerican Coordinating   •  Participate/support regional initiatives on topics of   NPPOs and
                                      Group in Plant Health          importance to RPPOs of the Americas.                      NAPPO
                                      (GICSV)                     •  NAPPO participates in virtual working groups (WGs)      Secretariat
                                                                     focusing on information exchange and participation in
                                                                     virtual calls.
                                                                  •  NAPPO/NPPO experts currently participate in the
                                                                     following WGs: fruit flies, citrus greening, ePhyto, Tuta
                                                                     absoluta, locusts and Fusarium oxysporum TR4
                                                                  •  Secretariat provides interpretation and occasional
                                                                     translation services.

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