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8   Forest Products   Develop a Science &         •  Document will provide scientific information on live   Forestry
                                      Technology document that         contaminants of wood commodities/packaging and
                                      addresses Contaminating          provide guidance on appropriate actions for addressing
                                      organisms on wood                the risks.
                                      commodities                   •  Document is progressing well.
                                                                    •  Final document will go through editorial review and
                                                                       country consultation before EC approval.
                                                                    •  Targeted completion most likely third quarter 2021.
                  9     Risk-Based    Risk-Based Sampling           •  Improve implementation of technically justified and     NAPPO
                      Sampling (RBS)  Manuals                          defendable inspection procedures and further
                                                                       implementation of ISPMs 23 and 31.
                                                                    •  RBS Manual Part I completed/translated/uploaded to
                                                                       NAPPO website.
                                                                    •  Completion of RBS Manual Part II sometime in 2021.
                 10     Asian Gypsy   Validate the specified risk   •  Review interception/trapping data from regulated        AGM
                       Moth (AGM)     periods (SRPs) for AGM in        countries to determine if changes to the SRPs should be
                                      regulated countries              considered and if such changes would impact the
                                                                       requirements of NA vessel certification programs.
                                                                    •  Draft document ready by mid-2021.
                                                                    •  EG will share draft with industry for feedback.
                                                                    •  Document will go for country consultation.
                                                                    •  Targeted completion undetermined.
                 11     Support the   The EG exchanges ideas,     •  IYPH webpage is a repository for NPPO and regional         IYPH
                       International   develops appropriate          events and contributions.
                       Year of Plant   materials and plans IYPH   •  EG developing regional stories of NAPPO impact on plant
                       Health (IYPH)    events in the NAPPO region   health/IYPH.  Social media platforms are used to share
                                      Oversight of the EG            these articles.
                                      provided by the NAPPO       •  EG considering activity to illuminate significant
                                      AMC                            monuments in Canada, U.S., and Mexico to
                                                                     commemorate the IYPH.
                                                                  •  Targeted completion second quarter 2021.

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