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country to enter another      •  Draft outline for the guide was developed; scenario
                                      NAPPO country                    describing movement of agricultural commodities in the
                                                                       NAPPO region was presented/discussed as a model to
                                                                       provide feedback on key issues to include in the guide.
                                                                    •  Additional models will be used to generate a list of roles
                                                                       and responsibilities of parties involved in the export,
                                                                       import and in-transit countries.
                                                                    •  Group to discuss stakeholder communication plan,
                                                                       development of contingency plans for emergencies and
                                                                       non-compliances and the potential need to schedule
                                                                       periodic reviews of the North American transit system.
                  5   Update existing  RSPM 38: Importation of      •  Update needed to ensure the latest regulatory/policy,   RSPM 38
                          NAPPO       certain wooden and               scientific information and other key data and concepts
                         Regional     bamboo commodities into          are incorporated.
                       Standard for   a NAPPO member country        •  Revision is progressing quickly.
                       Phytosanitary                                •  EG members provided pest interception data for
                        Measures -                                     analysis and determination whether RSPM scope should
                          RSPM                                         be broadened. Discussion is ongoing.
                  6      ISPM 38      Workshop follow-up            •  Facilitate implementation of ISPM 38 (International    ISPM 38
                      implementation                                   movement of Seeds) for stakeholders in the Americas.
                                                                    •  Terminology and communications ad-hoc groups need
                                                                    •  Targeted completion 2  quarter of 2021.
                  7   Update NAPPO  RSPM 35:  Guidelines for        •  Review/update RSPM based on newly adopted plant        RSPM 35
                          RSPM        the movement of Stone            health standards, current industry practices,
                                      and Pome Fruit Trees and         regulations, and scientific/technical information. RSPM
                                      Grapevines into a NAPPO          35 outlines systems approaches for reducing the risk of
                                      Member Country                   introduction of regulated pests associated with the
                                                                       movement of stone and pome fruit trees and
                                                                    •  RSPM 35 has numerous pest tables.
                                                                    •  Final document will go through editorial review and
                                                                       country consultation before EC approval.
                                                                    •  Targeted completion third quarter 2021.

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