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2021 NAPPO Work Program

               Dear NAPPO stakeholders,

               As noted in the accompanying message concerning NAPPO activities for 2021, enclosed please find the 2021 NAPPO Annual Work Program, as
               endorsed by the NAPPO Executive Committee (EC).

               The information in the table below is organized as follows:
                   •  New projects – to be launched in 2021 - are listed at the top of the table.
                   •  Ongoing projects are listed next, followed by Permanent projects.
                   •  The last part of the table lists NAPPO Projects that were completed in 2020. We anticipate that the NAPPO EC will endorse/approve the
                       final versions of each product during the first quarter of calendar year 2021.
                 No.  Area of Interest        Project Title                           Details/updates                          Expert
                                                                      New projects
                  1   Update existing  Comprehensive Review and     •  This new project will enhance the discipline and       RSPM 5
                          NAPPO       Update of Quality                consistency on how we refer to quality management
                         Regional     Management (QM)-related          (QM), quality assurance, quality systems, and other
                       Standard for   Terminology within RSPM 5,       related quality management (QM) terms and processes
                       Phytosanitary   NAPPO’s Glossary of             that impact NAPPO standards and other work across
                        Measures -    Phytosanitary Terms              various industry sectors and phytosanitary activities in
                          RSPM                                         our region. The project concerns RSPM 5: NAPPO’s
                                                                       Glossary of Phytosanitary Terms, which contains
                                                                       definitions, abbreviations, and acronyms currently used
                                                                       in other NAPPO RSPMs and documents.
                                                                    •  Targeted initiation 2nd quarter of 2021 – April.

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