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International and Regional Plant Health Standards and Surveillance
 Thursday - 1 Revision of ISPM 6 and updates on ISPM 8
Comments on NAPPO RSPMs with a surveillance component
Marina Zlotina, USDA-APHIS-PPQ PDF

Billions and billions of pests … how to prioritize the top pests important for government action

 Thursday - 2 Surveillance: How to allocate the resources available wisely? Mireille Marcotte, CFIA PDF
 Thursday - 3 Systems/protocols to prioritize pests (OPEP) Alison Neeley, USDA-APHIS-PPQ PDF
Thursday - 4 Prevention, follow-up and pest response: Mexican case Dr. Clemente de Jesús García Avila PDF
 Thursday - 5 Mexico - National Epidemiological and Phytosanitary Surveillance System (SINAVEF) Ing: Rigoberto González Gomez: SAGARPA / DGSV PDF
Thursday -  6

United States - Scientific Support and Tools for Surveillance

Christina Devorshak, USDA-APHIS-PPQ  PDF
 Thursday - 7 United States - Pest surveillance programs with special focus on CAPS and early pest detection surveys John Bowers, USDA-APHIS-PPQ PDF
 Thursday - 8 Canada - Overview of plant pest surveillance activities in Canada Mireille Marcotte, CFIA PDF

Industry participation and collaboration in surveillance programs in NAPPO country industries

Thursday - 9

United States

Patrick Atagi, NWPCA PDF
Thursday - 10 Mexico Enrique Severo Cortés, CESV PDF

New technologies for surveillance in NAPPO countries – unmanned aerial vehicles, dogs, z-nose, etc.

 Thursday - 11 United States – New technologies for surveillance Philip Berger: USDA-APHIS PDF
Thursday - 12 Mexico - Scientific support for phytosanitary risk surveillance for safe trade of plants and plant products  Gustavo Mora Aguilera, SAGARPA, COLPOS PDF
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