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Welcome to the 41st NAPPO Annual Meeting

The North American Plant Protection Organization (NAPPO) is pleased to announce and invites you to its 41st Annual Meeting to be held at the Hotel Fiesta Americana in the beautiful and historic city of Merida, Yucatan, Mexico from October 16-19, 2017. The theme of the 2017 meeting will be Agricultural Trade: The “America’s” Experience.

Join us and learn more about the role of NAPPO in protecting the agriculture, forestry and natural plant resources of North America from potentially damaging pests and enjoy the amenities of the city of Merida, known as “Ciudad Blanca” (white city) an important trade center of the Aztec world.

The Yucatán peninsula has the richest history of agricultural trade in the Western hemisphere.  Ancient Maya, Inca, and Aztec civilizations flourished with inter-cultural trade, by both land and sea of many different commodities including cacao, rubber, beans, corn, pears, squash, tobacco, cotton, tomatoes and peppers as well as turkeys, dogs, and feathers.  Aztecs ultimately dominated trade in Mesoamerica, developing a sophisticated merchant class including the first commercial spies, logistical systems, money (cacao beans), and specially designed mechanisms for transport.  The success of Aztecs in trade resulted in the broad adoption of their language (Nahuatl) and culture across the region.  The arrival of the Spanish saw the first intercontinental trade and the rapid rise of agriculture as an industry in the region.  The sisal or henequén (Agave sisalana) industry boomed in the late 1800s, making the region among the richest in the world and the cultural and financial center of México until sisal fiber was largely replaced by synthetic alternatives after World War II. 

As agriculture and trade in the Yucatán peninsula continues to evolve, its past experience provides a historical window into timeless lessons that help us better understand the complex and dynamic nature of agricultural trade as we look into the digital window of the future.   

Unlike in past years, the 41st NAPPO Annual Meeting will begin with a half-day Training Session (on Monday afternoon) on the international agreements that provide the foundation and guiding principles for the protection of plant resources and for the safe trade in plants, plant products and other regulated articles.  The Three Knowledge Topics and the Symposium will build on the theme of the meeting and will include timely plant health topics of importance to industry and government meeting participants.  The Symposium entitled “Surveillance programs in NAPPO member countries –supporting safe trade in plants and plant products” will highlight how member countries prioritize and conduct surveillance activities and will discuss the revision of the international standard on surveillance (ISPM 6).

The Annual Meeting provides a unique opportunity for governments, other plant protection organizations and industries in the NAPPO region (Canada, US and Mexico) to exchange information, provide feedback and share ideas on how to protect the plant resources of North America while facilitating safe trade. 

Please click here to register.  Click here to look at the Draft Agenda, information on the historic city of Merida or the meeting venue.  If you have any questions, please contact Sofia Baez by phone at (919) 617 4041 or by email: sofia.baez(at)


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