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Dear NAPPO Stakeholders,

I am happy to announce that the NAPPO CALL for PROJECT PROPOSALS is now open. The open period will last two months (June 1 – July 31, 2017).  All stakeholders are invited to submit NEW PROJECTS.  The first two documents provide you an update on the current status of NAPPO work and what regional standards need updating – these might be good subjects for new projects.  The next two documents are the ones you will use to submit your project proposal – the new project proposal format and the instructions on how to complete your submission.  Thanks and we look forward to receiving your ideas for new NAPPO work!

CLICK HERE Status of current NAPPO Projects The table shows our current project load. Notice that we still have deliverables pending for some projects.
download_link.png CLICK HERE NAPPO Regional standards that need updating You may want to consider submitting one of these as a new project.
download_doc.png CLICK HERE NEW NAPPO PROJECT PROPOSAL FORMAT Use this form to enter the information about your proposed NAPPO project.  Click on the cells and select from the drop-down menus for preselected options or just type the information.  Save and send the completed form to the AMC member in your country.


Instructions on how to complete your new project submission Please use these instructions to complete and send your project proposal.

Thanks, Stephanie, NAPPO Executive Director –  Stephanie.Bloem(at) 

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