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idsource- your gateway to pest indentification

USDA’s Center for Plant Health Science and Technology (CPHST), in collaboration with Colorado State University, has released ID Source, a searchable collection of over 1,500 identification-themed websites that cover plant pests, diseases, and weeds. Hundreds of domestic and international websites are vetted, and only those supporting identification needs for plant protection become ID Source’s “ID Aids.”

Users of ID Source can search within this ID Aid collection by class of pest, geographic region, type of content in the ID Aid (e.g., fact sheets, image galleries, keys, map collections, molecular tools), and more, or by entering a scientific or common name into a “text search.” Links directly to ID Aids matching users’ choices are then provided in search results.

Development of ID Source is ongoing, with new ID Aids continually being added and search enhancements implemented. ID Source was designed to engage users to help shape and improve the site by suggesting potential ID Aids, rating and reviewing ID Aids, and providing feedback about their use of the site.

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T: 919-617-4041