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Annual Meeting Presentations 2013 - 2014

Wednesday, October 22

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Comments from NAPPO’s Executive Director and Executive Committee Members
9:15-11:15 Christina Devorshak, Acting Executive Director, NAPPO English
Rebecca Bech, Executive Committee Member - USA English
Greg Wolff, Executive Committee Member - Canada   English
Javier Trujillo Arriaga, Executive Committee Member - Mexico Spanish
Industry advisory group
11:30-12:30 Craig Regelbrugge, American  Horticultural Industry Association No PPTs  
Mario Puente, Asociación Mexicana de Semilleros - Mexico
Bruce McTavish, Canadian Ornamental Horticulture Alliance
Results of the APPPC-NAPPO ISPM 15 Implementation Workshop 
14:00-14:45 Shane Sela, Chairperson, NAPPO Expert Group on ISPM 15, CFIA English 
Tyrone Jones, member of the NAPPO Expert Group on ISPM 15, USDA, APHIS  English 
Presentation of a template on emerging pests
14:00-14:20 Stuart Kuehn, Member, NAPPO Expert Group on Citrus, USDA, APHIS  English 
RSPM on Host Status - Update
14:45-15:15 Nancy Villegas, member of the NAPPO Expert Group on Host Status, DGSV, Mexico
Christina Devorshak, Chairperson, NAPPO Expert Group on Host Status, USDA, APHIS 
RSPM 40 Principles of Pest Risk Management for the Import of Commodities - Update
15:45-16:15 Christina Devorshak, Chairperson, NAPPO Expert Group on Host Status, USDA, APHIS  English 
Regional Plant Protection Organizations
16:15-16:45 Alexandre Moreira Palma, COSAVE Spanish  
Benjamin Quintanilla, OIRSA Spanish 
Lourdes Fonalleras, IICA Spanish  

Symposium on Electronic phytosanitary certification: from concepts to implementation

Thursday, October 31

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Session I 
ePhyto: What it is, how we got here and current status 
9:15-9:30 hh Rebecca Lee, NAPPO Technical Director  English 
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Session II
Describing ePhyto
9:30-9:45 hh Overview of Appendix 1 to ISPM 12
Craig Southwick, NAPPO Expert Group on eCert, USDA, APHIS
9:45-10:00 hh The use of globally accepted terms, information tables, and code lists
Rosa Bardales, SENASICA  
10:00-10:15 hh Exchange mechanism for communication and security
Mike Perry, USDA, APHIS 
10:15-10:30 hh IPPC Steering Group work
Christian Dellis, USDA, APHIS 
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Session III
Setting the scene for implementation
11:30-11:45 hh Building in-country support for implementation
Jamie Richardson, CFIA  
11:45-12:00 hh Technical training and technology requirements
Delfino Hernández, SENASICA  
12:00-12:15 hh Setting up a pilot project
Mike Perry, USDA, APHIS 

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Session IV
Experiences and case studies - Country perspectives and lessons learned
14:00-14:45 hh Christian Dellis, USDA, APHIS  English
Walter Alessandrini, COSAVE  Spanish
Peter Neimanis, DAFF, Australia  English 
Jamie Richardson, CFIA  English 
Luis Leonel Espinoza, Mexico  Spanish N/A
Industry panel discussion on lessons learned
14:45-15:30 hh Brian Zak (Forestry sector /Canada)  English
Tom Moore (Seed sector/ US)  English
Ricardo Calderon (Mexico)  Spanish
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Session V
Demonstration of concept and discussion
16:00-16:15 hh ePhyto global hub
Christian Dellis, USDA, APHIS 
English N/A
Demonstration of an exchange between two countries 
16:15-16:45 hh Peter Neimanis (DAFF, Australia)  and Christian Dellis, USDA, APHIS  English 
Mike Perry and Christian Dellis(USDA, APHIS) English  - English
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