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“Americas focused” ISPM 38 (International Movement of Seeds) Implementation Workshop

March 5
Workshop Overview, Logistics and Goals Stephanie Bloem (NAPPO) 1
Overview of the Global Seed Industry Ric Dunkle (ASTA) 2
Overview of the Seed Industry in the Americas Inés Ares (SAA) 3
Overview of ISPM 38 - highlighting areas to focus-on for implementation Ed Podleckis (APHIS) 4
Principles of PRA (Guidelines as per ISPM 2, 11) Stephanie Bloem (NAPPO) 5
Seeds as Pests and as Pathways for Pests (seed borne vs. seed transmitted, examples, evaluating evidence for existence of pathway) Marina Gutierrez Olivares (SENASICA) 6
ISF Regulated Pests Database Radha Ranganathan (ISF) 7
Intended Use as a Risk Factor Natalia Fernandez Eraso (Bayer) 8
Pest Listing José Ulises García Romero (SENASICA) 9
Determining Pest Risk Nancy Osterbauer (USDA) 10
Opportunities for PRA Harmonization Patricia McAllister (CFIA) 11
Challenges for PRA Harmonization María Elena Gatti (SENASA, Argentina) 12
Identifying Emerging Pest Risks and Pest Categorization (NPPOs) José Ulises García Romero (SENASICA) 13
Responding to Emerging Pest Risks (Industry) Samantha Thomas (Bayer) 14
March 6
Fundamentals of Risk Management (including equivalence, strength of measures) Ed Podleckis (APHIS) 15
Inspection Christina Devorshak (APHIS) 16
Sampling Tracy Bruns (Iowa State Univ.) 17
Sampling Small Seed Lots Kurt Kleinhesselink (Voloagri) 18
Diagnostic Protocols - types (indirect vs. direct), selection, validation Tracy Bruns (Iowa State Univ.) 19
Seed Treatments for Risk Mitigation Inés Ares (SAA) 20
Alternative Chemical Treatments for Organic Seeds Dale Krowlikowski (Germains) 21
Principles of Systems Approaches Christina Devorshak (APHIS) 22
Best Management Practices/Quality Management Systems - Industry Samantha Thomas (Bayer) 23
Systems Approach Strategies - NPPO Ed Podleckis (USDA) 24
Accreditation and Audits Patricia McAllister (CFIA) 25
Proposed Systems Approach Annex to ISPM 38 Marina Zlotina (APHIS) 26
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